Perricone Power of DMAE Set Perricone MD裴礼康抗衰紧致护肤4件套套装

$ 215 USD

这个套装集合了Perricone MD裴礼康的明星产品价值$293美金。大多数高端护肤品都适合干皮,Perricone MD的这个系列则特别适合熟龄油皮,尤其护理不当造成的毛孔粗大,还是能有比较明显的改善滴。

What it is:
A skincare routine with four products that deliver the antiaging benefits of DMAE. What it is formulated to do:
As seen on The Dr. Oz show, DMAE is a powerful antiging ingredient that produces visible and gratifying improvements to the skin. Dr. Perricone pioneered the cosmetic use of this ingredient, which goes beyond skin firming benefits as it gently exfoliates and minimizes sun damage for a truly radiant, dewy complexion.

This set contains:
- 6 oz Nutritive Cleanser 硫辛酸洁面177ml
- 2 oz High Potency Amine Face Lift 高浓度胺络合物紧致精华59ml
- 2 oz High Potency Evening Repair 高浓度晚间修复59ml
- 2 oz Face Finishing Moisturizer 全效玫瑰保湿乳59ml

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